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PHOTO: Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Offers Hideous Attire At Unreasonable Prices

The Stanford Cardinal are preparing for their appearance in the 41st annual Fiesta Bowl on Monday against the Oklahoma St. Cowboys. The Fiesta Bowl has been presented by the delicious taste sensation Tostitos tortilla-style chips for the past few years, but the event really turned a corner in popularity last year after the winning team was promised the entirety of Tostitos chips currently in production. It's sort of a profit loss for the Tostitos corporation, but I suppose you have to spend money to make money. Or in this case, give away chips to make money. It seems that the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl has come up with another way to make money in 2012, however: merchandise.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl is offering official Tostitos Fiesta Bowl merchandise, notably clothing, available in both neutral and team-specific configurations. You can find all of the paraphernalia by visiting the official Fiesta Bowl shop.

Here's an example of one of their Stanford-themed numbers, which as you can see is a wonderful display of both stylishness and subtlety:


via Fiesta Bowl Online Store

As you can see, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl really reigned it in with this tasteful Stanford-style T-shirt. This shirt is an approximation of the jerseys that Stanford will be wearing in the game itself, but in handy cotton rather than...jersey. This classy beauty will only set you back 30 bones, plus shipping.

You know, we mock, but the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl really did show some restraint with the jerseys this year. This shirt is based on the original mock-up for the bowl game jerseys that was personally designed by the president of the Tostitos corporation, Roger T. Tostitos:



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