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Robert Griffin III Draft Status: Baylor QB To Declare For 2012 NFL Draft, According To Reports

It's official. Andrew Luck's biggest competition is entering the draft alongside the consensus no. 1 pick.

Robert Griffin III is now available.

The Heisman Trophy winning quarterback out of Baylor will enter the NFL Draft and thus begin a competition with Luck that many saw coming.

Luck is the big prize. The "can't miss" prospect of this year's class. But Griffin's entry changes some things for Luck.

One, if Griffin rates just a hair behind Luck on teams' big boards, the Colts, who have the top pick, will see weaker potential deals for the pick because teams will see Griffin as a legit second option. If a team isn't willing to wager everything to trade up to get Luck, they could wait and grab Griffin a few picks later.

Two, as much as everyone is in love with Luck, Griffin isn't going away quietly. He is a legit no. 1 prospect. Whenever Luck is mentioned, Griffin will trail right behind him. Luck will have to beat out Griffin over and over again during the draft process. One slip up, and Griffin is there for the glory. Not saying it'll happen, just saying it isn't as farfetched as it may seem.

Let the fun begin...