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College Football Rankings: Stanford Football Finishes No. 7 In AP, Coaches Poll

The Stanford Cardinal are finishing the season on a rough note. After climbing up as high as number three in the polls this year, a small loss to Oklahoma State has knocked them down the totem pole a few notches. The Cardinal finished seventh in both the AP and Coaches Poll.

Stanford was displaced by Oregon (winners of the Rose Bowl, and of course winners of their head-to-head matchup), Arkansas (Cotton Bowl champions), and USC (idle due to bowl sanctions) in the AP Poll. It's unclear exactly why the Cardinal dropped behind a team they beat head-to-head, but so it goes. USC isn't eligible for the Coaches Poll because of their bowl probation, so it was Boise State who ended up leapfrogging Stanford after their demolition of hapless ASU in the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl. Kind of feels like Stanford dropped a spot too many in each poll, doesn't it?

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