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2012 NFL Draft: Robert Griffin III Expected To Declare For Draft, According To Reports

According to's NFL insider Chris Mortensen, Baylor Bears standout quarterback and 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is expected to make the next step and enter the 2012 NFL Draft, making it a proverbial two horse race atop the draft class between himself and Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck.

Griffin already has his bachelor's degree, but was contemplating returning to complete a Master's degree according to his Father, but RG3 has weighed his options and apparently made his decision:

"I met with my son (Friday) and his schedule is pretty much he will attend the Sugar Bowl here in New Orleans (where the Griffins live), then next weekend he will meet with five agents and select the right agent to represent him and plan a good pre-draft process," Griffin II said. "After that he will sit down with three of his coaches at Baylor on Wednesday or Thursday (Jan. 11 or 12) and make it official."

Furthermore, The Indianapolis Colts have already done their due diligence scouting him, and would feel comfortable taking him if they were to beat Jacksonville this Sunday and remove themselves from the No. 1 overall seed, likely meaning that Andrew Luck would be heading their way.

"Robert has no preference of teams," Griffin II said. "He will be fine with whoever takes him."