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College Football Rankings: Stanford Likely Moving Ahead Of Oregon

The Stanford Cardinal had the most impressive performance of the weekend in the conference against the San Jose St. Spartans, and currently look like the class of the conference. And the NCAA rankings are likely to show it, as they'll probably be tops in the Pac-12 when the new polls are released Tuesday.

The Oregon Ducks, beset by penalties and turnovers and injuries, struggled mightily in their season opener against the LSU Tigers, and are likely to drop at least several spots. It'd be hard to see them staying ahead of Stanford after their performance, even if their loss came against a top 3 opponent. Oregon will need to drop four or five spots to move past Stanford, which is well within the realm of reason.

It's not looking like there'll be any serious contenders (yet) to Stanford's current Pac-12 reign. The only other Pac-12 team ranked is USC, and they barely scraped by Minnesota. Arizona State could potentially be ranked after their victory over UC Davis, but they'll have to beat some real competition (which will come this week against Missouri) before anyone takes their bid seriously.