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Stanford Vs. San Jose State Score Update: Cardinal Lead 17-0 Just Minutes Into Second Quarter

The Stanford Cardinal lead the San Jose State Spartans 17-0 minutes into the second quarter of their 2011 football season opener. Stanford has racked up 149 total yards while the Spartans have only 17 total yards thus far.

Quarterback and potential Heisman candidate Andrew Luck led the Cardinal down the field from their own 47-yard line on the first drive. Luck got the Cardinal into the redzone but could not convert, instead settling for a field goal.

He did make up for it with a one-yard rushing touchdown at the end of the quarter. A fumble by the Spartans on the final play of the first quarter gave the ball back to Luck and the Cardinal deep in Spartan territory, and Luck hit Zach Ertz for a13-yard touchdown just one  minute into the second quarter. Luck has completed six of eight passes for 72 yards and one touchdown. He also has nine rushing yards and one touchdown on two carries.

The Cardinal defense has done well so far, holding the Spartans to just 17 yards and forcing a fumble already. Stanford has a comfortable lead over San Jose State as the second quarter progresses.