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College Football Rankings 2011: AP Poll Moves Stanford Down During Bye Week

With the Stanford Cardinal having their bye week so early in the season, they lost a bit of ground in the AP college football rankings, though have lots of time to make it up. They dropped from the fifth spot in last weeks poll to sixth this week, along with a few other teams shifting within the top 10. 

LSU leapfrogged Oklahoma for the number one spot in the polls this week, though Alabama and Boise State remained in their spots at third and fourth respectively. Oklahoma State slides into Stanford's spot last week, Wisconsin slid down a spot to seventh, Nebraska moved up to eighth in the polls, Oregon cracks the top ten at ninth, while South Carolina makes it to the tenth spot this week. 

Next week will have some very intriguing matchups as Boise State will have their first meeting with Nevada since their Thanksgiving meltdown in Reno last season that killed their national title chances, While Nebraska will take on Wisconsin in a battle of top ten teams in the Big 10. Texas A&M will take on 14th ranked Auburn, while Stanford takes on Pac-12 rival UCLA.