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Stanford vs. Arizona Score Update: Nick Foles Keeps Wildcats Close

The Pac-12 opener between the Stanford Cardinal and Arizona Wildcats has turned into a fairly interesting matchup as Arizona QB Nick Foles is doing everything he can to keep his Wildcats in the ballgame. After Stanford took a 10-0 lead in the first quarter, Arizona has clawed its way back and trails 16-10 at halftime. Jaime Salazar had a chance to cut the lead to three at the half but pulled a field goal wide left.

As Nick Foles drags his Wildcats along kicking and screaming, Andrew Luck has been the beneficiary of a monster rushing attack. The Cardinal rushed for 147 yards in the first half, averaging 7.7 yards per rush, but the score does not reflect this dominance in the trenches. They've come up short on three separate drives, having to settle for Jordan Williamson field goals. It's enough to maintain the lead, but Arizona is not going away and gets the ball to start the second half.

Arizona appeared to be developing some consistency in the second quarter as they put together a pair of solid drives that netted them the touchdown and missed field goal. Stanford's defense will need to tighten up against the Wildcats passing attack in the second half.