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Heisman Trophy Odds 2011: Andrew Luck Sits As Heavy Favorite On Even Of 2011 NCAA Football Season

With college football season so close you can taste it,  the online gambling site Bodog has released it's final odds for the 2011 Heisman Award, and lo and behold, Stanford University's Andrew Luck is the hands down favorite. Luck won't simply be handed the Heisman though, he will have some stiff competition, needing to stay healthy and on his game every week to have a shot at the title. 

Here's a look at the odds of the top five players:


  1. Andrew Luck: 7/2 
  2. Landry Jones: 13/2
  3. Trent Richardson 13/2
  4. LaMichael James 15/2
  5. Marcus Lattimore 15/2

That is a boat load of talent all vying for the same crown, though I believe that if Luck keeps doing his thing over the next few months he will ultimately be the best player in the college game, despite the fact that Landry Jones and LaMicheal James are both legitimate candidates in my mind as well. It's going to be interesting to see how it all pans out, can't wait.