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Stanford Stadium First In College Football With Wi-Fi

Stanford fans, ever gotten so bored with watching Andrew Luck uncorking beautiful spirals downfield to Chris Owusu? Grown bored witnessing some of the best Cardinal teams you'll probably see in your lifetime roll through Palo Alto and pile drive Pac-12 opponents by three to four touchdowns? Is success just too much for you to handle?

Never to fear, AT&T's got you covered. The Palo Alto Patch has more on this story.

Stanford University is the first university campus to bring AT&T WI-FI to all of its athletic venues, according to Lane Kasselman, spokesman with AT&T.

Mobile apps, mobile access to video and instant replays now enrich each game day. Bob Bowlsby, the Jaquish & Kenninger director of athletics at Stanford, and Loretta Walker, AT&T vice president, introduced the WI-FI capabilities Thursday at the first large-scale sporting event—NCAA tennis tournament—that could benefit from this new placement.

With Cal playing its home games at AT&T Park, that means both Bay Area college football fanbases will be plenty satiated in Skypeing their friends, setting up video conferences, playing Words with Friends with your buddy five rows in front of you, and downloading the newest hip hop beats to listen to on their iPads while watching a movie as Keenan Allen strides to the end zone. No one has to worry about all that football nonsense anymore.

(Although it is AT&T. There's a chance that your signal could get dropped for 30-45 minutes a game.)

Just imagine the Big Game. It could have all the rivalry revery of a nightime study session at your engineering computer lab.