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Andrew Luck Boosting Stanford Cardinal Football Ticket Sales A Lot

Andrew Luck is very good at football. He's so good that Stanford Cardinal students and alumni are postponing their broomball matchups and goat-milking sessions in richie-pants land and actually planning on attending Saturday matchups at Stanford football, where they will be prompted by a large gong to make noise while Luck completes 150% of his passes for a passer rating of ten billion.

Stanford might even sell out three of its games this year, although it's unconfirmed how many of them are scouting 49ers fans. They even came up with a great name for the ticket packages: Lotsa Luck Mini-Plans, which sounds like a deal for roast pig and fortune cookies at an Asian grocer. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to come up with an idea that original and fresh! I can't wait for Darren Rovell to write ten thousand words about the brilliance of these plans while furiously moistening his tie with his own slobber.

You can buy your Stanford tickets here. At the very least, do it for the gong.

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