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Andrew Luck Won't Win A Heisman Trophy For His Beard

Stanford Cardinal quarterback and Heisman trophy favorite Andrew Luck took a few minutes to chat with former Florida head coach Urban Meyer in a new ESPN series called Leadership Conversations with Urban Meyer. During the discussion, Luck described what he thought made a quarterback great. Aside from being able to make the throws and operate a given offensive system, Luck described the issues of having the complete trust of your teammates.


Luck talked about putting in extra work on the field and off to build the camaraderie with his teammates. Aside from sweating it out on the field, Luck discussed how he has tried to learn a little something about each one of his teammates so they can discuss things outside of football. He's not best friends with every player on the team but he has put in the effort.


Now, if there is an equal amount of trust I hope at least one of them will tell Andrew to get rid of the Kyle Orton-esque neck beard before he arrives in NYC for the Heisman Trophy presentation.