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NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament Schedule 2011: Second Round On ESPN2/ESPN3

Here is the TV schedule for the second round of the NCAA women's basketball tournament. Regional exclusivity for standard definition broadcasts continues to apply (and is explained in this post about the first round schedule), and regional maps can be found here. The HD feed will switch around to what ESPN deems the most exciting game; the SD feed will stay with the regional game--in this case, the Stanford Cardinal women's basketball team, fresh off a victory over UC Davis.

Stanford will play the St. John's Red Storm tonight on ESPN2. You can also watch all women's tournament basketball games on ESPN3 online.

Monday, March 21


Marquette vs. Tennessee
Marist vs. Duke
Georgia Tech vs. Ohio State
Penn State vs. DePaul

6:30 PM PT/9:30 PM ET

Gonzaga vs. UCLA
St. John's vs. Stanford
Temple vs. Notre Dame
North Carolina vs. Kentucky

Tuesday, March 22


Purdue vs. Connecticut
Georgetown vs. Maryland
Louisville vs. Xavier
Oklahoma vs. Miami (FL)

6:30 PM PT/9:30 PM ET

Georgia vs. Florida State
Rutgers vs. Texas A&M
Green Bay vs. Michigan State
West Virginia vs. Baylor