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Andrew Luck's Heisman Trophy Candidate Video

Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck is now an official Heisman Trophy candidate, and the Cardinal athletics program has created a video to promote it. 

Make the jump to see for yourself. 

Big ups to Rule Of Tree for finding this gem. 

The Quarterback Redefined: Andrew Luck for Heisman (via stanfordathletics)

If you were a Heisman voter, would this video sway your vote one way or the other? Possibly, but I'd say it's highly unlikely. But if you are a Stanford Cardinal fan, or just a fan of Luck in general, this video probably get's you pretty hyped up.

With guys like Wisconsin's Montee Ball, Baylor's Robert Griffin III, LSU's Tyrann Mathiau, and Alabama's Trent Richardson as his competition, Luck will definitely have an uphill battle to take home the trophy. He's likely the most NFL ready out of all of these candidates, but that's not what the Heisman is for, though Luck was arguably the most important player to his team in college football this year. 

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