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2011 Fiesta Bowl: Stanford Cardinal Will Play Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Stanford Cardinal won't win the Pac-12 with Andrew Luck, and they won't be going to the national championship game. But they will play in what amounts to a third place contest in their second straight return to the BCS.

Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated reports that the BCS matchups are set. The LSU Tigers will play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Title game. That means Stanford (4th in the BCS last week, likely 4th in the BCS this week) will play the Oklahoma St. Cowboys (3rd in the BCS last week, 3rd in the BCS this week), who apparently didn't impress the voters enough to go to the BCS National Championship game.

It'll be a fascinating matchup between two teams with two very balanced offenses. Can Andrew Luck keep Stanford's offense rolling with all his best receivers likely to return to action, and use their balance to overwhelm Oklahoma State's defense? Will Oklahoma State's spread give Stanford's slower defenders troubles like Oregon did?

Should be a good night-time matchup on January 2nd in Tempe.

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