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College Football Rankings: Stanford Gets Handfull of No. 3 Votes in AP Poll

According to's Bryan Fischer, there were a few voters in the AP Poll this week that felt that Oklahoma State was not fitting of the No. 3 spot this week, instead giving their vote to the Stanford Cardinal as the third best program in the nation this year. 

Bill Cole (Winston-Salem Journal) and Jeremy Sampson (WLIX East Lansing) both voted Stanford 3rd, Oklahoma St 4th. Only ones to put OSU 4th.
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The folks over at Pollstalker created this data to show the differential between the AP voters and where they placed Alabama and Oklahoma State on their respective ballots,  which Cole and Sampson were indeed the only ones to place them in the fourth slot this week, and were the only two to vote them both No.3 and No. 4.

If the Card could have made it to that No. 3 spot, it could have bolstered their chances at one of the top BCS Bowls, though their likely landing spot, the Fiesta Bowl, is nothing to complain about. Nevertheless, some voters placed Stanford as low as No. 8 on their ballots, further showing the wide margin of opinion between the voters.