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Andrew Luck 2012 Draft: Bored NFL Executives Nitpicking On Star Quarterback

Andrew Luck has been one of the better collegiate quarterbacks in the nation for the last three seasons and just about everyone has seen him play multiple times now. A lot of pressure and responsibility comes with being projected as the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, and it is safe to say Luck surpassed these expectations with flying colors. 

This is not to say Luck does not have some critics, though. NFL executives have found flaws, but honestly, they're just bored and nitpicking at this point:

I've heard the nitpicking on Andrew Luck, so I made some calls this week to see what the folks paid to evaluate college players think. And what's come back is the same kind of unanimous result that you've gotten when asking about Luck all along. As one NFC personnel executive put it, "I'd bet they're just bored of hearing how great he is."

Another NFC personnel executive said that in the past two decades, "He's one of five guys that I've [scouted] where I can say, 'Yes, no doubt about it, he's gonna be damn good.' "

The first executive took it a step further, saying, "With Luck, I'd bet my life on it. With [Matt] Barkley and [Landry] Jones, you'd like to give them more time. They need to be phased in. With Luck, you give him the keys to the franchise Day 1, and he'll be fine."

Those are huge words for a scout and it appears the winless Indianapolis Colts have every intent to draft Luck when the draft rolls around in a few short months. He may make a mistake or two every time he steps on the field, but this kid is the real deal, folks. He is the most sure-fire quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning; he seemed to do pretty well for himself in the league over the last decade.