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2012 Fiesta Bowl: Stanford Football Sells All 17,500 Tickets

Apparently having a Heisman Trophy contender twice and a 24-2 record over the last two seasons helps draw in some interest for your football team. Stanford, never known as a national powerhouse in attendance and not the most highly regarded school when it comes to fans traveling well, has sold all 17,500 of their allotted tickets for the January 2nd Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma State.

The game is in beautiful Glendale, Arizona, a short flight or (long) roadtrip away for Cardinal fans. The game should be a tight one - two top tier QBs in Andrew Luck and Brandon Weeden, two top offenses, and some interesting storylines with the amount of players likely to go pro following the season. It's no wonder college football fans would want to watch, live in person, likely the last collegiate games for Luck, David DeCastro, Justin Blackmon, Weeden and more.

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