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2012 NFL Draft: Matt Barkley Draft Decision Could Boost Andrew Luck Stock

The big news coming out of Los Angeles was that junior quarterback Matt Barkley would be staying at USC for his senior season. Should he have elected to turn pro, many viewed Barkley as the second or third-best quarterback prospect on the draft boards. Along with Andrew Luck, Barkley would have joined Robert Griffin III as the likely quarterbacks taken early in the first round.

With Barkley deciding to stay in college, the demand for Luck will only increase. And if RG3 decides to stay at Baylor as well, his stock would fly through the roof. Those three were undoubtably the top-three quarterback prospects and there are as many as eight or nine teams looking for a quarterback. With guys like Nick Foles and Landry Jones potentially being the best options after Luck, it's no wonder why so many teams would line up to acquire the No. 1 pick.

As of right now it appears the Colts are likely to land the top spot in the 2012 Draft and all signs point to Indianapolis taking Luck, with or without a healthy Peyton Manning. Should the Colts not claim the pick, both the Rams and Vikings, who are both 2-13 on the season, would have big decisions to make. With so few quality quarterbacks available, it would be a seller's market next April.

Matt Barkley staying in college may not help teams with mid-round picks, but it helps Andrew Luck and whichever team lands the No. 1 pick by leaps and bounds.