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2012 Fiesta Bowl Tickets: Stanford Cardinal Expect Big Showing Against Oklahoma State

The Stanford Cardinal may be experiencing their best run in program history and a win at the Fiesta Bowl against the Oklahoma State Cowboys would be absolutely huge. Despite their recent success, Cardinal fans have not always shown up to support the team at home and on the road. Do not expect that to be the case at the Fiesta Bowl, though. According to recent updates, the program has already sold out its allotment of tickets.

Kevin Gemmell of ESPN has the story:

Remember that bad rap the Cardinal kept getting about not traveling well or having complacent fans? Toss it out. Stanford sold its allotment of 17,500 tickets to the Fiesta Bowl within five days of the game being announced.

This comes on the heels of Stanford selling out six of seven home games this season.

"I think there is great enthusiasm for this team and the players who populate it," Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby said in an email to the San Jose Mercury News. "There is no doubt that the opportunity to see a great group of seniors play one more game was a big motivation."

You already know the football-crazed fans in Oklahoma are going to show up in Glendale for the Fiesta Bowl and it should be a raucous atmosphere on January 2. There are still a few tickets that remain through various venders and prices have been marked up a considerable amount. For those of you hoping to catch the game in-person, the time is now to act and swipe up your tickets.

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