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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Slotted First, David DeCastro, Jonathan Martin Go Early

SBNation delivered its first 2012 NFL mock draft and it starts off with one of the biggest surprises in the history of the NFL Draft - it has Stanford's Andrew Luck going no. 1 overall to the Indianapolis Colts.

Oh, wait, nevermind. You already knew that.

Luck's status as the top overall pick has not changed even with the various public discussions concerning whether or not Luck and Peyton Manning can co-exist. At the end of the day, the Colts have a chance to do the same thing they did with Manning - turn a terrible regular season into a promising future with another (hopefully) franchise-caliber quarterback.

But Luck isn't the only Cardinal being mentioned.

Offensive guard David DeCastro is slotted in the no. 11 spot to the Arizona Cardinals and mentions DeCastro as the second-best offensive lineman in the draft. DeCastro could have a big impact on the Cardinals running game and the protection of Cardinals' quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Offensive tackle Jonathan Martin is slotted right behind DeCastro in the no. 12 spot to the Kansas City Chiefs. He can play either tackle spot and will have a similar impact as DeCastro on the Chiefs' running and passing games.

A lot of Cardinal action near the top of the draft this year. Stay tuned for updates.