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Notre Dame Football Vs. Stanford In China In 2013?

Larry Scott has made it clear that he wants to expand the profile of the Pac-12 beyond not just the region, but also beyond the United States, beyond North America. One significant possibility includes one of college football's most heralded programs.

Good @Pac12 nugget. Notre Dame and @StanfordFball have discussed playing 2013 game in China.
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This makes a lot of sense. Notre Dame brings the football prestige and brand recognition, while Stanford brings the academic factor that should appeal to the Chinese market. Considering Stanford is usually one of the smallest fanbases in the country, it would make sense to take one of their home games and leverage it into an international contest.

You have to figure Notre Dame and Stanford would play early in the season (maybe mid-August) to avoid jet-lag or any after-effects from the contest. This could maximize the appeal of the game since it'd probably be the only one on TV and would be a week or so before the season starts.

To discuss the possibility of Notre Dame playing Stanford overseas, head to One Foot Down (ND) or Rule of Tree (Stanford) to talk about it with fans from either side.