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2011 Heisman Trophy: Final Results For Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson

Baylor Bears QB Robert Griffin III was named the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Saturday evening, and while the balloting was not the closest in recent memory, it was still a competitive fight up until the end. Griffin edged out Stanford Cardinal QB Andrew Luck by 280 total points and 158 first place votes. The top eight in votes was as follows (total points listed):

1. Robert Griffin III - 1687
2. Andrew Luck - 1407
3. Trent Richardson - 978
4. Montee Ball - 348
5. Tyrann Mathieu - 327
6. Matt Barkley - 153
7. Case Keenum - 123
8. Kellen Moore - 90

The top three of Griffin, Luck and Richardson were tops in each region, although they were not necessarily in the 1-2-3 above. For example, it is not surprising to note that Andrew Luck claimed the Far West with 315 points to Griffin's 220 and Richardson's 137. The South region was a bit of a difference-maker as Luck slipped to third behind Trent Richardson. Robert Griffin took home 303 points, Richardson grabbed 256 points and Luck 182 points.

In reality, Griffin laid claim to this with a strong close to the season. He claimed the most votes in five of the six regions, with the Far West being the lone Luck holdout. Although it was not a blowout victory, this shows a fairly broad consensus for Griffin.