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Stanford Vs Oregon: Ty Montgomery To Start In Place Of Chris Owusu Against Ducks

The Stanford Cardinal will play without wide receiver Chris Owusu this Saturday against the Oregon Ducks. According to Stanford Football, Ty Montgomery will start in place of Owusu instead.

Montgomery matches Owusu almost identically from a physical perspective. Both players check in at 6-2, though Montogomery weighs in with five more pounds (205 lbs vs. 200 lbs). The major difference between the two players can be found in their level of experience.

Montgomery is a freshman with limited exposure to Stanford's offensive system, a system that the senior Owusu has grown accustomed to after four years. Montgomery has recorded only 100 total receiving yards on just seven receptions this season, highlighted by a nice 62-yard pass from quarterback Andrew Luck during Stanford's thrilling 56-48 triple overtime win over the USC Trojans two weeks ago. Owusu, by contrast, has recorded 376 total receiving yards and two touchdowns on 35 receptions.

The young freshman will be called upon in a big way against Oregon this weekend. Making his first start in Stanford's biggest game of the season, Montogomery can help his team continue its journey for a BCS national title while establishing a name for himself with a big receiving game.