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David Shaw Criticizes Phil Simms For Criticism Of Andrew Luck

Stanford Cardinal head coach David Shaw (just like Peyton Manning) is unsurprisingly not a fan of Phil Simms criticizing his quarterback. Who would have thought. It's not as if Luck isn't leading his team to an undefeated season and a potential national championship bid. Nothing at all Shaw is getting out of this.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News got these quotes from Shaw after the jump.

-Q: You’ve probably heard the Phil Simms comments—saying Luck hasn’t made that great NFL throw.

-SHAW: He hasn’t been looking closely enough. He just hasn’t.

That’s no offense to Phil. I loved watching Phil play. Thought he was a heckuva quarterback. I used to love watching old Giant teams.

But at the same time, for him to make that comment, that just means he hasn’t watched enough.

Indeed, if you've watched Luck anytime this season, you've seen all sorts of throws that remind you of some of the best you've seen in the pros. Luck is the type of guy you'd love to have on your team and work with from day one, because the Stanford quarterback already has everything down mechanically and can hit everything on the field.

If only Phil Simms could watch Luck more, he might see the same thing that everyone else sees.

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