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College Football Rankings, Week 11: Harris Poll Sets Up Second Half Of BCS Rankings

Editor's Note: Check out the Week 11 BCS Rankings.

The Week 11 BCS rankings will be released in the next two hours, which means we are getting a better idea of the various component rankings. The BCS rankings are made up of two human polls and six computer ratings. Earlier today the first human poll, the week 11 USA Today/Coaches Poll, was released. They have LSU at the top, Stanford in second, Oklahoma State in third and Alabama in fourth. Prior to that we had the first computer rating courtesy of the week 11 Sagarin Ratings with LSU, Oklahoma State and Alabama in the top three.

The second human poll, the week 11 Harris Interactive College Football poll (PDF), was released this afternoon. Much like the AP Poll, they have Oklahoma State at two and Stanford at three. They joined the Coaches Poll in dropping Alabama to four.

The most interesting change in the poll for Stanford was that they picked up a second first place vote. Stanford had one heading into this weekend, with LSU and Alabama splitting the remaining 113. LSU defeated No. 2 Alabama and picked up all their first place votes, except for one. The fact that Stanford gained the first place vote over either LSU or Oklahoma State is curious to say the least. Stanford is playing well, but given that they beat Oregon State this week while Oklahoma State and LSU beat ranked teams, the addition of a first place vote is a bit random.

Here are your top ten in the week eleven Harris Interactive College Football Poll:

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma State
3. Stanford
4. Alabama
5. Boise State
6. Oregon
7. Oklahoma
8. Arkansas
9. Clemson
10. Virginia Tech