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BCS Rankings, Week 11: Sagarin BCS Computer Rating Shuffles Top Three

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Editor's Note: Check out the Week 11 BCS Rankings.

The Sagarin computer rating is generally the first of the BCS computer ratings to be released Sunday morning following Saturday college football action. Following a Saturday in which No. 1 LSU edged out No. 2 Alabama, the week 11 Sagarin ratings did not see much change. Rather, there was simply a modest re-shuffling of the top of the deck. LSU climbed from three to one, Oklahoma State dropped to two and Alabama dropped to three.

What is most interesting about this is that Oklahoma State took a modest hit in their computer rating and one has to wonder if this will cost them a shot at No. 2 in the BCS. LSU could take the lead in just about all the computer ratings, which would drop Oklahoma State who sits at No. 1 in most of the computers. If that's the case, Alabama may just barely hold on to the No. 2 spot in the BCS. It is no guarantee, but it could happen.

Stanford defeated Oregon State Saturday afternoon and remains in the No. 8 position. They face Oregon next week, which will boost their computer profile. However, at this point the Cardinal need some losses ahead of them. They are not likely to move up past Oklahoma State or Alabama without each team suffering another loss in the coming weeks. It is going to be a tough road to the BCS National Title game for the Stanford Cardinal

Here are the top ten teams in the week eleven Sagarin Ratings according to the ELO_CHESS column:

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma state
3. Alabama
4. Arkansas
5. Boise State
6. Oklahoma
7. Oregon
8. Stanford
9. Kansas State
10. Auburn