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College Football Rankings, Week 11: How Far Will The BCS Rankings Drop Alabama?

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Editor's Note: Check out the Week 11 BCS Rankings.

Saturday night featured a wild night of football as Oklahoma State rallied late to defeat Kansas State 52-45 and the No. 1 LSU Tigers won a 9-6 overtime defensive battle over the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide. Stanford and Boise State both handled their business after early scares, but given the way Saturday shook out, both not might be making much movement in the BCS rankings.

The biggest question of the day is where Alabama will end up. A loss normally drops a team a few spots at minimum in the rankings. However, not many teams are No. 2 and lose by three points to No. 1. My best prediction would be Alabama flips spots with Oklahoma State and falls no further. Most of the human voters will not drop them particularly far, which leaves it on the computers to see what happens. Even though LSU is a strong opponent, Alabama was already tied for second with LSU in computer ratings. They will likely drop at least a spot or two in the computer ratings.

Stanford struggled early but pulled away from Oregon State in the second half. Given the level of the opponent, I would be surprised if Stanford climbed past Alabama. Rather, Stanford simply needs to look ahead to next Sunday's showdown with the Oregon Ducks. There is plenty of football after that, but the winner of that game likely wins the Pac-12. Now, Stanford just needs some losses ahead of them.

With Saturday in the books, here is an attempt to project the fourth BCS rankings. While awaiting the latest polls, the computer ratings will include the USA Today/Coaches PollHarris Interactive PollSagarin RatingsAnderson & HesterBillingsley ReportColleyMatrixMassey Ratings, and Wolfe Ratings. While we don't have computer ratings for these projections, here are my week eleven BCS rankings projections nonetheless:

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma State
4. Stanford
5. Boise State
6. Oklahoma
9. Clemson
10. Houston