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Oklahoma State Vs. Kansas State Recap: Stanford, BCS Rankings Implications Of Wild Cowboys Wins

The Oklahoma State Cowboys escaped a wild and thrilling battle in Stillwater against the Kansas State Wildcats, stopping K-State at the five yard line as time expired. Oklahoma State won 52-45 in an offensive explosion that was arguably more entertaining than last week's triple-OT thriller between Stanford and USC. The Cowboys trailed 24-14 in the first half and then one with 5:16 to go in the game, but the two teams combined for 22 points in those final five minutes as the Cowboys held on.

Stanford and Boise State both had to let out of a sigh of frustration as they continue to hope for an upset of Oklahoma State. They need losses ahead of them if they are going to have a shot at the national title game. Oklahoma State will be no worse than third when the BCS rankings are released tomorrow and likely will move to second following Alabama's loss to LSU. Their top-ranked computer ratings will remain high given the ranking of Kansas State. With Stanford and Boise State playing struggling unranked teams, they will not be able to gain ground in the computer ratings.

Oklahoma State faces a tough remaining schedule as they still have to travel to Lubbock to face Texas Tech and host the Oklahoma Sooners on December 3. The Cowboys are playing some great offensive football and they will need to keep it up if they are going to get into the national title game. Stanford and Boise State will continue playing their schedule and hoping for an upset of Oklahoma State.

And because this belongs in every Oklahoma State football post for the rest of eternity: