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Arkansas Vs. South Carolina Recap: How It Impacts Stanford And BCS Rankings

The Arkansas Razorbacks welcomed the South Carolina Gamecocks to town and took care of business, defeating them 44-28. The Gamecocks kept the game tight throughout, trailing by two points with 10:30 to go in the fourth quarter. However, Arkansas grabbed a pair of late rushing touchdowns to put the game away.

Arkansas was ranked No. 7 in the BCS rankings heading into the game and is likely going to stick at No. 7, barring a Boise State upset. The loser of LSU-Alabama is not going to drop particularly far, so Arkansas sticks at No. 7. At this point, Arkansas is still playing for a BCS bowl berth, but they will need to defeat LSU in their season finale to even remain in the conversation.

The Stanford Cardinal had a modest rooting interest in this game. Stanford has a better computer ratings portfolio than Arkansas, but will take a bit of a hit courtesy of the Razorbacks' win. Arkansas ranked two spots back of Stanford in the Wolfe computer rating and will likely move ahead of them given the improved strength of schedule. Additionally, Arkansas could potentially climb past Stanford in the Anderson & Hester rating and Billingsley computer rating. For Stanford, this could mean Boise State nudges ahead of them. It is not a guarantee, but it is a possibility.

Even if Boise State does move ahead of Stanford in this week's BCS ratings, it won't last long if Stanford continues winning. The Cardinal host Oregon next week and whether Oregon beats Washington or not, they will likely remain in the BCS top 15 and give Stanford a solid jolt in their strength of schedule with a Cardinal victory.