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BCS Computer Ratings, Week 11: Stanford In Position To Benefit From Remaining Saturday Games

The Stanford Cardinal are currently ranked fourth in the BCS rankings, with a sizable distance between themselves and LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State. The Cardinal's computer ratings are solid but not at a level to compete with those three schools at this point. The good news is Stanford's rating should continue moving up if they keep winning. Add in some upcoming losses for other teams and they can turn this into a reasonable deficit.

As it currently stands, Stanford's computer ratings are as follows:

A&H: 5
Billingsley: 4
Colley: 6
Massey: 8
Sagarin: 8
Wolfe: 5

LSU and Alabama are squaring off in prime-time and both lead the Cardinal in all six computer ratings. It will be interesting to see if a loss by either team is enough to drop them behind Stanford in the computer ratings. Margin of victory is not supposed to factor into the computer ratings, so it is hard to tell if two top teams playing will hurt either one of them particularly significantly.

Oklahoma State hosts Kansas State in prime time as well and a K-State upset would shake things up considerably for Stanford. At the same time, a Cowboys victory would be of modest benefit to Stanford. Kansas State ranks ahead of Stanford in two computer ratings (Massey and Sagarin), so a loss might be enough to bump Stanford up just a bit more.

One issue that must also be considered is what a win over Oregon State does for Stanford's computer ratings. The Beavers are struggling and rate anywhere between the 80s and 100s in the computers. It remains to be seen how much the Cardinal computer rating will be "hurt" by this victory.