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College Football Rankings, Week 14: USA Today/Coaches Poll Bumps Stanford To No. 4

The conclusion of week 13 means it is time for another round of college football polls. The Week 14 USA Today/Coaches Poll is now available and there have been some interesting changes. Arkansas was handled fairly easily by LSU and was dropped accordingly, moving from No. 3 to No. 10. While the Razorbacks computer ratings benefit in terms of strength of schedule, the human polls often ignore that when a team takes one on the chin.

The Stanford Cardinal moved up one spot from No. 5 to No. 4 and much of the top ten climbed one spot as well. The Cardinal sit behind LSU, Alabama and Virginia Tech in the Coaches Poll. Stanford is looking to climb even further to get into the top four of the BCS and solidify their chance at an automatic BCS bowl bid. They cannot get into the Rose Bowl or the BCS National Championship Game, but they have a legitimate shot at the Fiesta Bowl.

If Arkansas has an equivalent drop in the Harris Poll, the odds are high that Stanford will climb past them in the Week 14 BCS rankings. Here are the top ten according to the Week 14 USA Today/Coaches Poll:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Virginia Tech
4. Stanford
5. Oklahoma State
6. Houston
7. Oregon
8. Boise State
9. Michigan State
10. Arkansas

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