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BCS Rankings, Week 14: Will Computer Ratings Keep Arkansas Above Stanford?

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Editor's Note: Check out the Week 14 BCS Rankings where Stanford made a surprising move.

The Week 14 BCS rankings will come out a little later this afternoon, but in the meantime we can start to assess how the rankings will be impacted by the various component polls. Arkansas lost to LSU on Friday and will likely be impacted in the human polls. The question for teams behind Arkansas, like Stanford, is how or even if the computers will drop the Razorbacks.

Jeff Sagarin puts together one of the six BCS computer ratings and he released his Week 14 rankings late yesterday after the close of play. The Sagarin ratings have Arkansas remaining in the fourth position in spite of the loss. More than likely, playing the number one team in the country bumped up Arkansas' strength of schedule sufficiently to offset the negative of losing.

Stanford climbed from No. 11 to No. 10 thanks to their win over Notre Dame coupled with Boise State winning against a relatively weak Wyoming team. Stanford is looking to climb into the top of the BCS rankings to potentially ensure an automatic bid to a BCS bowl. They have a good shot of moving past Arkansas this week, but if it does happen, they will then need a Virginia Tech or Oklahoma State loss next week.

Here are the top ten according to the Week 14 Sagarin Ratings:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Arkansas
5. Kansas State
6. Oklahoma
7. Baylor
8. Houston
9. Oregon
10. Stanford