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Stanford Vs. Notre Dame Score Update: Andrew Luck And Cardinal Hold 21-7 Lead Entering Fourth Quarter

After three quarters of play, the Stanford Cardinal are leading the Notre Dame Fighting Irish by a score of 21-7.

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck had a record-setting first half, but has slowed down since returning from halftime. This is in stark contrast  to his usual modus operandi, which is to come out with guns blazing in the second half. Although Stanford has yet to find the end zone since halftime, they still hold a comfortable lead. The Cardinal defense is still doing an admirable job of containing the Notre Dame offense.

Quarterback Andrew Hendrix has come into the game to replace Notre Dame's Tommy Rees. So far, the replacement has helped the Fighting Irish to their only score of the game, completing a six yard touchdown pass to Michael Floyd.

As the fourth quarter starts, it will be interesting to see if the Irish continue to heat up.

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