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Civil War 2011, Oregon Vs. Oregon State Recap: Stanford Impact

The Oregon Ducks wrapped up a 10-2 regular season with a 49-21 domination of the Oregon State Beavers in the 2011 Civil War. Oregon had to win the game to clinch the Pac-12 North, and early on it looked like it might be a struggle. The Beavers put up a strong defensive effort and were tied with the Ducks 7-7 midway through the second quarter. However, the explosive Ducks offense got down to business over the final eight minutes of the first half, putting up 21 points to take a 28-7 lead into halftime. They great the lead to 42-7 before Oregon State grabbed some garbage time scores.

Had Oregon lost, Stanford would have clinched the Pac-12 North. Instead, Oregon will go to the inaugural Pac-12 title game and face UCLA for the right to go to the Rose Bowl. That leaves Stanford looking for at-large consideration for a BCS bowl. If Stanford can climb into the top four they'd be looking at a potential automatic bid based on the BCS selection procedures. Whether Stanford goes to a BCS bowl by automatic or at-large candidacy, they are likely looking at a Fiesta Bowl berth.

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