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Stanford Vs. Syracuse Score: Game Heading Down To The Wire

The Stanford Cardinal have been hanging around all game against the No. 5 Syracuse Orange and the game looks to be going to come down to the final buzzer. So far in the game neither team has been shooting the ball well as both teams are shooting under 45 percent and the Cardinal have had some chances to pull ahead in this game as they are only 4-for-10 from the free throw line. Turnovers has been an issue with both teams as Stanford has given the ball up 17 times and 14 for Syracuse.

Which ever team can pick up their shooting down the stretch and not turn the ball over should be the team that will be victorious. Aaron Bright is leading the Cardinal as the only player in double figures for Stanford with 10 points and the leading scorer for Syracuse is Scoop Jardine who has 13 points so far in this game.

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