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BCS Rankings Bonanza, Week 13: Stanford Cardinal Week 13 Rooting Guide

The week 13 college football season got underway on Thanksgiving with Texas taking down Texas A&M. This week features a variety of rivalry games and other fairly huge matchups that could have a huge impact on the BCS rankings heading into the final week of the regular season.

The Stanford Cardinal find themselves in a position to secure some kind of BCS berth, but the extent of it will depend on who loses in the next two weeks. If you're a Stanford Cardinal fan, head after the jump to figure out who to root for in week 13.

Oregon vs. Oregon State (Saturday, 12:30pm PT): This is fairly obvious. Stanford fans want Oregon State to win because an Oregon loss allows Stanford to clinch the Pac-12 North. That gets them into the Pac-12 title game, with the winner earning a berth in the Rose Bowl.

LSU vs. Arkansas (Friday, 11:30am PT): You want to root for the top-ranked LSU Tigers. If Stanford can climb into the BCS top four, they likely would earn an automatic bid into a BCS bowl given provision six of the BCS selection procedures. If LSU loses to Arkansas, they likely remain in the top two or three of the BCS standings, which does not help Stanford.

Alabama vs. Auburn (Saturday, 12:30pm PT): In the 2011 Iron Bowl, you are rooting for the Auburn Tigers. An Alabama loss could be just enough to drop them behind the Cardinal when the Week 14 BCS rankings are released on Sunday.

Virginia Tech vs. Virginia (Saturday, 12:30pm PT): Virginia is coming off their first ever road victory against the Florida State Seminoles and head into their rivalry game flying high. The winner of this game goes to the ACC title game, so Virginia has plenty for which to play. The Hokies have one more game they could lose, but why not get it out of the way now?