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BCS Rankings: David Shaw Displeased With Virginia Tech And Oklahoma State Ahead Of Stanford

David Shaw and the Stanford Cardinal are currently positioned sixth in the 2011 BCS rankings. Their path back to the BCS championship game is going to be a little bit perilous and require a lot of chaos. And Shaw isn't too pleased with the quality of the teams ahead of him.

The Virginia Tech Hokies are fifth, the Oklahoma St. Cowboys fourth. Shaw believes Stanford deserves to go ahead of either of them.

Stanford coach David Shaw blasted the BCS today. "It's to the point that I had to say something."
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His biggest beef: That Stanford is behind VaTech. "To have 1-loss P12 behind 1-loss ACC means computers value ACC more.''
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He also took issue with Stanford being behind Okl St, pointing to OSU's loss to unranked team while Stan lost to top-10 team
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Stanford being ahead of Oklahoma State is not an easy case. Yes, Oklahoma State lost to a worse opponent, but they've had a higher quality schedule and better wins against Kansas State and Baylor. Stanford has one solid win against USC, which they barely edged out in triple overtime.

Stanford should be ahead of Virginia Tech though. The Hokies have one good win over 8-3 Georgia Tech, their non-conference schedule is a joke, and they were non-competitive against Clemson in their toughest test.

It also has to be particularly galling, since Stanford laid the wood on Virginia Tech a year ago on a neutral field in the Orange Bowl. Why anyone would think the Hokies deserve to be ranked above the Cardinal after that performance is a little bit puzzling to say the least.