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Heisman Ballots Mailed Out: Bad News For Andrew Luck After Oregon Game?

Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal are coming off their worst performance of the season against the Oregon Ducks. While Stanford can recover, Luck's Heisman candidacy might have taken a huge blow. Tom Dienhart of the Big Ten Network just said that Heisman Trophy ballots are on their way, which means a lot of voters could cast their vote this week or next.

Why would this be bad for Luck? Well, the last memory for most Heisman Trophy voters will probably be that underwhelming game against Stanford. The Cardinal QB is playing as well as he can with a pretty flat hand (missing many of his receiving weapons), but big performances matter, and so far Luck only has the USC game to fall back on. This could open the door for Robert Griffin III of Baylor, Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State, and Trent Richardson of Alabama to stage a big comeback and win the trophy if any of them have big performances the next few weeks, considering Luck doesn't have a real marquee game left on his schedule.

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