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Andrew Luck Still The Favorite For Heisman Trophy, But Not By Much

ESPN experts have been monitoring the 2011 Heisman Trophy situation around the clock since the start of the college football season, with everyone seeing Andrew Luck as a proverbial shoe-in to take the award. But with his Stanford Cardinal's recent loss to the Oregon Ducks, and the lackluster play showed by Luck during the game, just how much does that affect his Heisman stock? Make the jump to find out. 

According to the ESPN Experts Poll, Luck holds a two point margin over Alabama's Trent Richardson, and seven points over Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, a much smaller gap then before the Oregon game. Luck's 271 yards and three touchdowns are on par for his standards, though was intercepted twice by the Ducks D, even though the second wasn't his fault. He began the game with a pick-6, made a number of inaccurate throws, and didn't seem as comfortable as he usually is. The fact that he couldn't get it done on the biggest stage of the season will likely hurt his voting more that his stats though, as he always seems to get his numbers. 

Luck still has a few games left to showcase his stuff to Heisman voters during the regular season, an outside shot at the Pac-12 title game, as well as a bowl game to try and light it up. Even though the competition may have gained some ground, Luck is the most pro-ready player in college football, and is still the favorite to take home the Heisman. 

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