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BCS Rankings, Week 12: Sagarin BCS Computer Rating Drops Stanford Nominal Amount

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Editor's Note: Check out where Stanford is ranked in the Week 12 BCS Rankings.

As the Stanford Cardinal await the release of Sunday's Week 12 BCS rankings to see how much the Oregon loss cost them, there is a ray of hope. If Stanford can remain in the top 14 of the BCS the rest of the season they will be eligible for one of the BCS' at large bids. They are not guaranteed a bid, but they would at least remain eligible.

The first of the BCS computer ratings was released this morning as Jeff Sagarin released his Week 12 ratings. Stanford only dropped two spots from No. 8 to No. 10. The loss to Oregon hurt in the national title picture, but improved Stanford's strength of schedule considerably. If this is reflected in the rest of the BCS computer ratings, it could be enough to keep Stanford hanging in the top 14.

The Cardinal wrap up the season against Cal and Notre Dame. Both are fairly solid in the computers, so Stanford should not be "hurt" by potential wins over either school the next two weeks.

Here are the top ten teams in the week twelve Sagarin Ratings according to the ELO_CHESS column:

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma state
3. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Arkansas
6. Oklahoma
7. Oregon
8. Kansas State
9. South Carolina
10. Stanford