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College Football Rankings, Week 12: Stanford To Come Crashing Down BCS Rankings

The Stanford Cardinal saw their dream season veer off into a ditch Saturday night as they were blown out by the Oregon Ducks 53-30. If ever the Cardinal missed Shayne Skov, it was Saturday night. Oregon's rushing attack sliced and diced Stanford and there was really no bouncing back from it.

This loss was all the more painful for Stanford because it not only knocked them out of national championship contention, but it also all but eliminated them from Rose Bowl consideration. Unless Oregon loses to both USC and Oregon State, the Ducks will win the Pac-12 North. The Ducks still have to win the inaugural Pac-12 championship game, but Stanford is likely not going to get a crack at the conference championship.

At this point, Stanford is more than likely looking at a bid in the Alamo Bowl or possibly the Holiday Bowl. They do still have an outside shot at a Rose Bowl bid, but it's a long one. They were so close to that brass ring, but unfortunately they are going to come up short once again.

Boise State also saw their title hopes and general BCS bowl hopes crashed as they were stunned by TCU on the Smurf Turf. They also will find themselves in a blah bowl instead of in the money with a BCS bowl. It was not a pretty day for the second tier of undefeated teams.

With Saturday in the books, here is a projection of the top ten in the BCS:

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma State
3. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Oklahoma
6. Arkansas
7. Clemson
8. Virginia Tech
9. Stanford
10. Houston