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Stanford Vs. Oregon Final Score: Andrew Luck And Stanford Fall To Ducks 53-30

The Stanford Cardinal was hoping to keep their undefeated streak going and their National Championship Game hopes alive. Unfortunately, the Oregon Ducks were able to hand Stanford their first loss of the season, in convincing fashion.

The much-hyped Oregon rushing game managed to live up to the hype. Stanford defense started strong and mostly contained the run, but eventually they were worn down. Play after play, the Stanford secondary was left looking at the back of a Ducks rusher as they sprinted toward the end zone.

Quarterback Andrew Luck threw two interceptions in the game, the second a 40 yard pick-six by Bo Lokombo in the fourth quarter that put Oregon on top 53-30. Overall, Stanford had a whopping five turnovers. The two Luck interceptions both led to touchdowns by the Ducks, and the Cardinal also managed to lose three fumbles.

With the victory, the Ducks move into first place in the Pac-12 North.

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