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VIDEO: Erin Andrews, Chris Fowler Enjoy Calm Before Stanford-Oregon Storm

Erin Andrews and Chris Fowler wrapped up Saturday's College Gameday show fairly early Saturday morning, which gives them plenty of time to wander the sprawling Palo Alto campus in advance of this evening's BCS showdown between Stanford and Oregon. For those expecting a wild atmosphere like we saw in the LSU-Alabama pre-game last week in Tuscaloosa, head after the jump to view the insanity of Palo Alto.

It is indeed a quiet day at Palo Alto as people go about their business like usual. You could make the argument that Stanford is the only BCS school that would be this quiet heading into arguably the biggest game the region has ever seen. This matchup contains the highest combined ranking of opponents in years.

With immense Rose Bowl implications and some possible national title implications, it's just another calm day in Palo Alto. And Erin Andrews on the prowl! I love the smell of money in the morning!