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Stanford Vs. Oregon Weather Update: Will Potential Muddy Conditions Impact Athletic Ducks?

The Stanford Cardinal welcome the Oregon Ducks to Palo Alto Saturday evening in the biggest game on the weekend slate of college football. The Cardinal and Ducks are doing battle for Pac-12 supremacy, with the Cardinal hanging around for a shot at the BCS national championship game.

The biggest subject of discussion leading up to this game has been the speed and athleticism of the Oregon Ducks. The Cardinal struggled when they faced the speedy USC Trojans and Oregon makes USC look like a turtle in comparison. The Ducks will look to utilize that speed and force a methodical Stanford team to get into a track meet.

There is one issue that has arisen, which could still impact the Ducks athletic attempts. Friday night saw a decent amount of rain come down in the Bay Area for the first time in a while. It was not any sort of monsoon, but if Stanford plays it right, maybe it muddies up the field at Stanford Stadium a little bit. The natural surface slows down Oregon a bit already, but mix in some muddy conditions and it could further slow the high flying Ducks.

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