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Andrew Luck Could Solidify Hold On Heisman Trophy By Beating Oregon

The Andrew Luck Heisman campaign rolls on, and there might not be a more significant stop than his Saturday night matchup against the Oregon Ducks. Oregon is the best team remaining on the slate and the one demon he needs to conquer to get to the Pac-12 championship game.

Right now Luck stands firmly on top of the Heisman Trophy title race. ESPN's Heisman Watch has Luck capturing all but one of the first place votes (with the other one going to Trent Richardson), and Richardson and Kellen Moore being distant contenders. Of the three, the Stanford quarterback definitely has the most notable games to really solidify himself as the top candidate for the spot. Running through the rest of the Pac-12 slate undefeated should be enough to carry Luck to a Heisman Trophy many suspected he would win once he returned.

However, the edge is thin. A loss to Oregon could end up derailing his candidacy and bring Richardson or Moore right back into the race.

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