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Stanford Vs. Colorado: Cardinal Ahead 41-7 After Third Quarter

Heading into halftime, Stanford head coach David Shaw remained stern and focused. He can probably begin to relax a little, as the Cardinal now lead Colorado by a score of 41 to 7.

The third quarter, much like the first, belonged entirely to Stanford. Andrew Luck tossed his second touchdown pass of the game, this time to Ryan Hewitt. Luck is 23-for-29 with thus far, having thrown for 315 yards with 2 TDs and an interception.

Just before the two minute warning, Stanford's Tyler Gaffney rushed for another one-yard touchdown to put the Cardinal on top by 24 points as they take a breather before the final quarter. Colorado is looking unimpressive on both sides of the ball, with only 10 first downs compared to Stanford's 24. They're also averaging a meager two yards per rush, as they have no answer to Stanford's offense and are getting shut down repeatedly by the Cardinal offensive line.