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Stanford vs. Colorado: Buffaloes Football Suspensions Means Andrew Luck Can Feast

Ever wanted to watch a buffalo hunt? Ever wanted to see a buffalo calf be tracked down by wild horseback cowboys? Well, here you go!

The Colorado Buffaloes have suspended five players for the season, none of whom will thus be available against Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal offensive machine. Four defensive backs have been taken off the field for Saturday night's game, and perhaps could be out for much, much longer. Kyle Ringo of Buff Zone has more.

All five players -- Parker Orms, Ayodeji Olatoye, Paul Vigo, Josh Moten and Liloa Nobriga -- were notified of the decision on Wednesday and the entire team was told during a post-practice team meeting.

None of the problems that led to the suspensions involved the police, but the rules violations were serious enough that CU is expected to announce today that none of the five will play again this season.

Jon Woods of Ralphie Report talks about how Colorado can adjust to these losses.

This moves means that converted offensive skill position players Jason Espinoza and Brian Lockridge should be expected to play significant roles on the defensive side of the ball throughout the rest of the year. More information should be released throughout the day, but regardless this is a major development for a team already dealing with a significant amount of adversity.

The Buffs will indeed have to feel lucky that the Stanford don't have the receiving corps that they did last season. All Stanford has is Chris Owusu and Griff Whalen as reliable outside options, so the loss of such Buff secondary depth might be marginal at best. Espinoza might be able to handle outside responsibilities on his own, and Colorado's defense might be able to spring some surprises on Luck.

Alright, how long did it take you to stop laughing at that last paragraph?

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