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Stanford Vs. Oregon To Be Televised In Primetime On ABC. College Gameday Next?

No surprise that the matchup between the Stanford Cardinal and the Oregon Ducks was chosen by ABC as their primetime matchup two Saturdays from now at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET. If Oregon can take care of business this week in Seattle against the Washington Huskies, their battle on the Farm against Andrew Luck will decide the Pac-12 North, and in all likelihood determine whether Stanford is national championship material.

Right now the Oregon-Stanford isn't guaranteed to be a national telecast since its relevance to the BCS title race isn't clear, say if Stanford gets shockingly upset by Oregon State in Corvallis. If there are upsets for Stanford or Oregon goes down, this game's national relevance could be significantly diminished.

Similar situation goes for ESPN's College Gameday. Victories from both Oregon and Stanford and they'll almost certainly be in Palo Alto. Anything else and they're probably headed elsewhere.

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