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BCS Rankings, Week 10: Stanford Climbs Over Boise State In Standings

A day after the completion of another crazy week of college football, the week ten BCS rankings were released Sunday evening. Clemson and Kansas State joined the ranks of the beaten as they were knocked off by Georgia Tech and Oklahoma, respectively. Stanford barely escaped the LA Coliseum with their zero as they knocked off USC 56-48 in triple overtime. It was a crazy day that caused a bit more turmoil in the BCS rankings.

Stanford continues to gain ground with their improving computer ratings, but continues to be in a position where they do need some help to get into the BCS National Title game. Even if Stanford runs the table and specifically beats the Oregon Ducks in two weeks, they will need a couple of losses to happen.

First and foremost, they will get a shot at that with LSU and Alabama squaring off this coming Saturday. The battle of the top two teams will be an interesting test of the ratings, particularly if the game ends with a close score. If one team gets blown out it is much easier to drop the loser a decent amount. But a game decided by one possession could leave the loser still in the top two or three. I'd imagine Oklahoma State would climb past the losing team, but I wouldn't expect much more change if it is a close loss.

The Stanford also trail Oklahoma State but have passed the Boise State Broncos. Stanford is far enough back of the Oklahoma State Cowboys that they need an Oklahoma State loss to get past them. The Cowboys have a tough upcoming stretch of games including Kansas State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma. If they get through the regular season undefeated they deserve that second spot in the national title game.

Here are the Top 10 teams in the Week Ten BCS Rankings:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Stanford
5. Boise State
6. Oklahoma
7. Arkansas
8. Oregon
9. South Carolina
10. Nebraska